After upgrading to neo4j Desktop Version 1.1.10 - Neo4j Bloom activation is gone


i have upgraded my Neo4j Desktop to Version 1.1.10 through the not build in upgrade function.
After that i was not able to user neo4j Bloom anymore. There is now a "attention" sign, with the information, that i will need a activation key.

I though bloom is free in the desktop version and i was able to practice with it in the past without any key.




To be able to use Bloom, you will need an activation key, which you add in Neo4j Desktop. Please do reach out to your local sales rep. If you don't know who this is, please PM me.

I hope this helps.

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I'm a newbie in graph database world, but quite sure that it has many potentials.

I'm also interested in the capability of Bloom and tried to find whether it would help me to put me through the project I'm working on. However, Neo4J desktop version blocked the Bloom package and I'm wondering whether I can get any free activation key.... Or what would be the cost of getting the needed activation key? Thanks...

From South Korea

Hello! I will private message you to discuss...


I've been given an activation key to use Bloom. However, I'm still unable to add or use it. I have the same "Attention" icon as before and am unable to access it. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Were did you get the key from?

I'm also interested to play arround with it to check if it useable....


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I'm a part of the startup program, I got the key from my point of contact at Neo4j.

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I have the same problem. I want to show off Bloom to my manager and other decision makers next week, so I'm hoping to get an activation key before then. I've already sent an email requesting a key, but if someone reading this can make that happen, please reach out to me :slight_smile:

Had the same issue with the key on my desktop and need a bloom reactivation key any suggestions are welcome


Did you succeed in adding Bloom with your activation key? You will need to first add the Activation Key you've received into Desktop first:

Does this help?

Am following up with a PM :)

thank you

I guess I was mistaken. I only received the key for neo4j desktop and not bloom. How do I go about getting a key for bloom as well? Thank you.

I've reached out to a colleague to get in contact with you.

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Thank you very much.

Can you let me know status
Iam part of the neo4j start up program

I have not been contact yet. I'm sure the holidays have something to do with it. Thank you.

I would also love to get a Bloom activation key - I am CTO of Iconem, a french 5 year old startup focused on 3D digitizing heritage sites in conflict areas, and have a number of options to try out before thinking about integration into one of our project.
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I am also part of the neo4j start up programme and would love to get an activation key for bloom

Could you also reach out for me?

I am looking into using Neo4j for our company, and want to show of Bloom.