Why does adding new properties to the graph style sheet not work in Neo4j?

The Developer guide for Neo4j Browser User Interface says that I can run :style, export it, modify it and drag it back to change the style. I try changing the default border width, and adding two new properties for nodes: text-align and shape, as explained in Graph Stylesheets:

node {
  diameter: 50px;
  color: #A5ABB6;
  border-color: #9AA1AC;
  border-width: 10px;
  text-color-internal: #FFFFFF;
  font-size: 10px;
  text-align: "below";
  shape: regtangle;

But only the border width changes. Why does the rest not work?

Hi @Ooker ,

Unfortunately, Neo4j Browser does not support those additional properties. Shape is always a circle and text alignment has no affect.

Would you consider submitting a feature request to enhance the stylesheet support? https://neo4j-browser.canny.io


I see. Here is the request: Adding new properties to the graph style sheet | Voters | Neo4j Browser

I guess Bloom also has the same status? I wonder why the devs don't just allow that?