What are the prerequisites of learning neo4j for the first time?

what are the prerequisites of learning neo4j for the first time?

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If this is your first time working with graph databases, you'll probably want to get familiar with the property graph model, paying attention to the differences between it and SQL tables. This type of modeling, while similar to what you may have worked with as far as relational data base systems, is distinct enough that you should ensure you have a grasp on these differences, and the common terms and definitions that are specific to property graphs, graph databases, and Neo4j.

From this point, you'll want to begin to get familiar with the Cypher query language, and you'll likely want to do a combination of going through our documentation as well as playing around with Neo4j itself. You can download Neo4j Desktop, which will allow you to play around with the developer version for Neo4j Enterprise edition. Notably, after creating a new db, you can open the Neo4j Browser to start interacting with it, and upon connection you'll see some buttons which will take you through built-in tutorials and walk-throughs which will educate you through some hands-on guides.

Here's our documentation home page, you'll want the Getting Started guide at the top.

Others paths are through our Get Started guide, or if you're more visual, we have some video tutorials as well.

If you hit a wall, or can't seem to find the answer to something through our documentation or links or by searching the community site, you can ask on the community site under the appropriate area.