Beginner- Need Mentor

(Siddha2305) #1


I am trying to understand what are the prerequisites to learn neo4j? I tried online and it says Java, Spring, DB and Graph DB.

Could someone please help me understand that would I be able to learn in with SQL as basis?

Thank You,

(Kunal Goyal) #2

It depends that what you want to do with neo4j.
Bdw if you want to learn neo4j ,just simply start playing with it.
install it ,you will get sample dataset there and start using it.
if you need further help then please let us know

(Michael McKenzie) #3

I agree. The only prerequisite is to be curious about graphs. Do you have something in mind that lead you to look at Neo4j?

(Paul Thomas) #4

Excellent introduction to cypher video by Nicole White, 50 minutes long using airline flight data to demonstrate cypher.