Visualize Network of Graph with So Many Nodes

I have a large CSV file that i need to import to Neo4j. Before going forward, I would like to know if It could be possible to visualize a graph with 8000 node in Neo4j??
My use case is i don't want to have any label for the edges. So, all i know is in every row of CSV file the first cell in CSV file has a relation with second cell. I would like to visualize the graph network of my data with only two columns and 8000 row. Can you please clarify is it possible to do it in Neo4j without adding any label to edges of graph? If so, can u please clarify how? since all sample code in the website is referring to labeling the edge.


Neo4j has a new product called Bloom which does visualization, you might want to have a look at.

There is also open source stuff available, a program called Gephi, which a lot of folks use for visualization of graphs in Neo4j when they have more custom requirements, it might be worth a look.

You probably can't (in a practical manner) use the built-in neo4j browser to view 8000 nodes. As David mentioned Bloom (a commercial add-on visualization product) could render that (as well as others). The neo4j database itself certainly has no problems with your 8000 nodes, but the visualization would likely need additional software to be usable.

You certainly CAN create nodes without a label:
SET n.myproperty='somthing'

It does get tricky to manage or match/query these label-less nodes however.