Newbie looking for some advice for visualization

I'm pretty new to graph data and Neo4j. I love the simplicity and easy-of-use of the Neo4j Browser for visualization, but I need a bit more control over layer.

For example, I need to visualize a graph of about 1,000 nodes and 4,000 relationships. In the Neo4j Browser, it is pretty tedious to drag nodes around until the visualization has some logical structure. And if I need to tweak my query, all that work is gone.. Also, even though I have plenty of CPU and RAM, the Neo4j Browser keeps crashing or freezing on me with a graph this size.

I've read the articles on the Neo4j site about visualization, but there's a confusing array of options and it looks like the tools that support more customized layout are libraries that require some code. This isn't a deal breaker, but I'd prefer a no-code solution for now.

My question:
Could anyone suggest a tool similar to Neo4j Browser that supports:

  1. Customized layouts, e.g. group nodes of specified labels in "zones" of the browser window - something like a hierarchical tree or grid.
  2. Remember some version the layout that I created by dragging nodes all over the place so that I don't have to start from scratch with every new query.

Thanks for the help,

Hi Tim,
There is yWorks for Neo4j for instance (yFiles Neo4j Explorer: Advanced Node Styling). Less customizable in terms of layouting but very scalable in terms of nodes and relationships is SemSpect (Neo4j Graph App | SemSpect).

Hi Thorsten,
Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't come across SemSpect. I'll give it a try.

Hi Tim,

you can also try it's a full visualization app/platform. With no coding, you can achieve a lot of things including query management, visualization layouts, and formatting.
There is a free version for one user available in Neo4j Desktop, in Docker, or as a standalone app.
The paid Cloud version can be used when you don't want to install anything and want a fully managed service.