How to visualize graph without saving nodes in db

Hey, I have neo4j db.
I am looking for way to open graph from file(json, xml or something like that) but without saving the nodes and overwriting what I have now in the db, just visualize it.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

The answer depends on the file content.
However, in general you could use the APOC procedures to visualize virtual graph from a file.

For example, if we have a file "person.csv", that is supposed to be imported with label "Person", like this:


we can execute a concatenation of apoc.load.csv and virtual nodes.
That is:

CALL apoc.load.csv("person.csv") YIELD map 
WITH map // we retrieve the csv as a row of maps, so {"name":"John", "surname": "Doe"} , {"name": "Jane", "surname": "Foobar"}
CALL apoc.create.vNode(['Person'], map) // we create 2 virtual nodes from csv
YIELD node