Visualize graph data in a web application


I have created a data set of organizations and their board members and imported it into Neo4j. I now want to create a web application in which I can provide an interface to interact with the database. Something on the lines of the exploratory capabilities provided by the neo4j browser. However, I am not sure where to start. Primarily I have two major questions:

  1. In what format should the data be provided to the web application
  2. How to enable the "expand" functionality seen in the neo4j browser where clicking on a node expands its neighbors. Is each expansion a query to the database?

If anyone could share a tutorial that I could follow it would be very helpful.

What language would you like to use to build that app?
I often use a python script which makes a REST API for my Javascript app which runs in the browser.
But there are many choices. Use the language/tools you are familiar with, you can run Cypher queries from many languages. Have a look at Drivers & Language Guides - Developer Guides to get an overview.