Simple Visualization of Graph data (Company hierarchy)



New to Neo4j and as a starter project thought it might be easy / useful to pull in our staff data from AD and put it into Neo4j to visualise maybe query later.

Im from a infra background so limited in knowledge for front end tools, is there a simple web front end i can create that would show the results of a cypher query, browser looks awesome but guessing i cant point SharePoint or something like that to it!

cheers for any input.


(Jiropole) #2

To my knowledge, there is no tool or UI that can do what you want without getting your hands a little dirty learning a few things first. This guide may be a good starting point:

You might have a dig into your config files a bit, control your neo4j service, and probably understanding not just graph representations but some Cypher/GQL as well. Even with the ETL tool, you might be looking at some complex data mappings, since the format and philosophy of relational is significantly different than graph.

The good news is if you can teach yourself some basics, you can do imports via standard Neo4j web client. If you prefer the CLI, there is the cypher-shell, but it doesn't excuse you from the Cypher work :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply! Sorry didnt make myself clear, getting the data in is ok, its how to visualise for users to see it that im interested in.

Happy to get my hands dirty just hoping for a simple option to help get started :) Im guessing the solution will involve bringing up a website using XXX. But I was "hoping" thats where someone would say use this plugin or extension. It just needs the cypher query and looks the same as when you query in the desktop app!


(Michael Hunger) #4

You could probably use apoc.load.ldap for that?

If you used that to create your graph, you could use neo4j-browser or some other tool, e.g. neovis for the visualization:

Also see some of the other visualization options: