Use .dump file from causal cluster to load data into an standalone Neo4j instance

Can I load a standalone Neo4j 3.x instance using a dump file generated by the Causal Cluster online backup policy ?
If yes, how long does it take (aprox)? (the xxx.dump.tar.gz has a size of 1.7 GB)
Is it a bad practice?
The standalone neo4j is in a diferent machine.
Thanks in advance.

There are neo4j admin tools and you can peruse few commands that suit your requirements.
Many thanks
Mr Sameer G

Yes but can I use the dump file of a cluster to load and standalone Neo4j?

I'm having problems loading the dump file.
I'm using:

C:\Neo4j\neo4j-enterprise-3.5.22>bin\neo4j-admin load --from=C:\Neo4j\NUBkOn_graph.db_2022-03-06.dump --database=graph.db --force=true

and the error is:

command failed: you do not have permission to load a database -- is Neo4j running as a different user?

It doesn't matter if I run it as administrator or not.

I only have one user

The .dump file was created by other instance within a causal cluster.
May be a problem?
Thanks a lot