Upon first opening of Neo4j desktop, it gets stuck at Please choose path where you want to store application data

Hello Jakob,

Is this a new install of Desktop or an upgrade?

Sometimes the confirm button is disabled because more bits are in the process of being downloaded and it will be enabled once the download completes.


Hi I just got started learning neo4j as well and got impounded by the same problem, this is what I did to resolve it:

The issue was my user had a corrupted PATH env variable.
First, I checked if the wmic.exe was present in C:\windows\system32\wbem directory, you can check yours as well.
If true - add that path to env variable PATH. i.e -> %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem
If not - use system-wide search to find that executable. it should be somewhere inside Windows folder.

happy learning
PS: I am on Windows 10 pro


Thanks it worked fine when i add the path to environment variable