Unable to use RDF* (RDF-star) with Neo4j (v4.3.6) and n10s (v4.3.0.1)

I'm following this guide written by @jesus.barrasa.

The guide demonstrates how to import RDF* (RDF-star) using the serialization format Turtle*.

call n10s.rdf.preview.fetch('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jbarrasa/datasets/master/rdfstar/beatles-hs.ttl',"Turtle*")

Running this same statement on my installation fails with this message...

Failed to invoke procedure n10s.rdf.preview.fetch: Caused by: n10s.RDFImportException: Unrecognized serialization format: Turtle*

I'm using neo4j community (v.4.3.6), with the latest n10s package (v. installed.

Installing Plugin 'n10s' from https://github.com/neo4j-labs/neosemantics/releases/download/ to /plugins/n10s.jar

I also rolled back n10s to the version that introduced RDF* support (v4.1.0.0) and restarted the database. The behavior was unchanged.

The official n10s documentation doesn't cover this topic.

I'd be keen to hear from anyone that has got RDF* working with neo4j

The syntax has changed.

"Turtle*" has been superseded by "Turtle-star"

See: Not able to load Turle* with n10s - Integrations / Linked Data, RDF, Ontology - Neo4j Online Community

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