Not able to load Turle* with n10s


just updated my desktop Neo4J to 4.3.2 with n10s — and I am not able to load Turtle* rdf data sets. I am using 'turtlestart' format label --> output is an error "Unrecognized serialization format"

call n10s.rdf.import.fetch('file:///d:\\Neo4jDesktop\\Input\\CHO_LPG.ttl', 'TurtleStar');

So we don't have a difference between Turtle and Turtle* during the import?
Thank you

Hey @sergey.vasiliev welcome to the community site.
You're right, the latest release of n10s included an update of the RDF parser that implements the name change (As you know the RDF-star community&editors decided to remove the original asterisk in the name in favour of a spelled form of the word star).

-> All this to say that the type you have to use now is: Turtle-star (that exact syntax).

Thanks for the heads up, we'll update the documentation.

Enjoy using n10s and share your experience with the community here!


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Hi Jesus, thank you for the answer.