Import rdf files(.ttl turtle) to neo4j:error:Unexpected character U+23 at index 8

how can i ignore the error node .
I just want to import the fucking data into neo4j......

Hi @bupianlizhugui, you and I are going to take a minute to breathe and reflect on how to engage with a friendly community like this one.
Here are a couple of ideas: Opening with "thanks for offering this functionality to the community for free...". Being constructive and providing details on the unexpected behavior so things can be improved for you and the rest of the community...

When you've done with the meditation, try this.

call n10s.rdf.import.fetch("...","Turtle", { verifyUriSyntax: false })

If the problem is the format of the uris in your RDF that should do it. If it does not, we'll need more details, probably a fragment of your "fucking data" to try and reproduce the error.

Have a great day.



Thank you very much for your patient reply to me. I am very sorry for my unfriendly expression.The Neo4J community experience is still great. It may be that I have dealt with the relevant data for a week, and I have a lot of problems. I so sorry

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