Unable to import shapefile

Uable to import shapefile


call spatial.importShapefile("file:///shapefiles/SupportStructure.shp")


import folder:

Plugin folder:

Can anyone help on this, why I am getting this error.

Thank you

Hi @sura-nsgindia,

kindly check if you have correct version of Jar. Also try to replace this jar with new download and then restart the server.
Also try
** call spatial.procedures;** to verify procedure is available.

I tried the same as mentioned by you with complete path of the file and it worked
call spatial.importShapefile("D:\Neo4j\ApplicationData\neo4jDatabases\database-02341e23-fad3-478a-a96c-b2020042c6ae\installation-3.5.14\import\AFG_adm1.shp")

Will check and get back, thanks

Can you comment on this:


Answered to the link. Let me know if you are able to import the file as per this post?