UK company and officer data neo DB access - anyone interested?


(Mike Oaten) #1

Howdee all,

We're on the neo4j start-up programme with our R!SK Hunter product (identifying fraud and mis-selling in UK financial services) and are looking at opening up our data to others in the community under banner (don't attempt to visit, no site yet, read on and find out why).

We maintain a neo DB of all UK companies and company officers (both active and past, some 25m nodes) which is updated daily (around 20k records changes). The model is rich with location and temporal data and we're working on entity resolution to normalise for a really robust up to date offering. To date 56m nodes, 180m rels.

We're proposing offering free access (to a few users initially) who have a commercial or research project which needs UK company data. In return, we just want to understand what problem you're working on and collect data on your use, queries, etc. Access will be via the neo browser.

If you're interested to find out more email me at
Cheers, Mike

(our product site

(Karin Wolok) #2

This is awesome, Mike! Thank you so much for sharing!