Coming in from Utrecht, The Netherlands

(R Kranendonk) #1

Hi All,

I had a graph theory course in university and I hated it. Not the graphs per se, but the calculations you had to perform on them. And now I'm back at graphs because I want to build a proof of concept for the application of GDPR (EU data privacy law ) to business processes. Be happy to get into contact with Neo4j community members who are working on comparable stuff.

I'm totally new to graph databases and have been introduced to Neo4j by my friend @paulj, who is convinced Neo4j is better then even though Grakn has a cool dinosaur logo.

Have a nice day!

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(Paul Jongsma) #2

Welcome Richard, glad you took the red pill instead of the dinosaur ;-)


(Michael Hunger) #3

Richard, there are a number of GDPR use-cases in production with Neo4j, I think there also some videos/whitepapers available.


(R Kranendonk) #4

Can you give me a hint on where to find these? I did a search in Community for GDPR but no relevant posts came up.


(Michael Hunger) #5

Please have a look here:

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