The Companies we Keep: Graphing the UK Corporate Ownership register


(Cadarn) #1

I was recently part of a team of volunteer data scientists from DataKind UK who helped the NGO Global Witness to analyse the UK corporate ownership register. The results have been published in a variety of places.


Full report:

pyData London talk:

(William Lyon) #3

Hey Adam - thanks for sharing. I'm a big fan of your work on this!

I'd love to chat with you sometime about the deduplication problem you mention, as this comes up a lot.

I played around with this dataset at NICAR last year (as well as property ownership): Leila Haddou from the Times is looking at similar data using Neo4j as well.

(The Graph Giraffe) #5

Thanks for submitting!

I’ve added a tag that allows your blog to be displayed on the community home page!

(Tom) #6

Great work. Here in Belgium we have leading a similar effort. @William_Lyon we really should start looking into doing this at a European level.

(Zunio) #7

Hi @Cadarn,

Great work. In Italy, we have built some solutions for this kind of problems (using Neo4j since 2012).

You can find more on