Typo in documentation? (https://neo4j.com/docs/operations-manual/current/tutorial/import-tool/)

I'm just getting started with Neo4J, which is incredible!
I'm following the documentation for neo-admin load and think there's a typo? I couldn't get the regular expressions to work unless the paths are in double quotes. They are in the text but not in the example script. Very minor but thought it worth pointing out?

B.2.4.1. Using regular expressions for specifying multiple input files


If we use the regular expression movies4.* , the sorting will place the header file last and the import will fail. A better alternative would be to name the header file explicitly and use a regular expression that only matches the names of the data files. For example: --nodes "import/movies4-header.csv,movies-data.*" will accomplish this.

Using the same data files as in the previous example, the call to neo4j-admin import can be simplified to:

neo4j_home$ bin/neo4j-admin import --nodes=import/movies4-header.csv,import/movies4-part.* --nodes=import/actors4-header.csv,import/actors4-part.* --relationships=import/roles4-header.csv,import/roles4-part.*

I think this might need to be (with quotes)...

neo4j_home$ bin/neo4j-admin import --nodes="import/movies4-header.csv,import/movies4-part.*" --nodes="import/actors4-header.csv,import/actors4-part.*" --relationships="import/roles4-header.csv,import/roles4-part.*"