Neo4j-admin import: Missing header of type START_ID, among entries [:START_ID;:END_ID;:TYPE]

I'm trying to import csv files using the neo4j-admin import according to the tutorial ( and it works until I import just the nodes. But when I add a table with relationships like this:

bin/neo4j-admin import  

It fails with Missing header of type START_ID, among entries [:START_ID;:END_ID;:TYPE] which sounds weird on itself. I tried to change the headers file to: start:START_ID;end:END_ID;:TYPE and even: START_ID;END_ID;:TYPE but it is still the same. What am I missing?

I use neo4j version 3.5.12.

have you tried


The magic header names need to have a colon : in front . Note that you have to add -- delimiter=";" if you're using anything else than a comma as field separator.

Oh my god, I was so focused on syntax of the header names that I haven't noticed the delimiters. :roll_eyes: The error is in the ; of course. Thank you, Stefan, for the hint.

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You're welcome. A second pair of eyes is so helpful sometimes - had that plenty of times myself.

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