Sparql for neo4j

Hi all,
i know that in neo4j 2.x there was once a sparql endpoint in development.
Jessus Baressa does a wonderfull job in semantics.

How would you enable neo4j (e.g develop a driver that turns a subset of a database into jena dataset ) to be queried via sparql? I would like to avoid data douplication.
I mean i could write a restservice reading the RDF Triples from a cypherquery trough neosemantix service and use the two service parameters as input (one the cypher string, two the sparql string), but is this a viable approach? What about upates through sparql?


Hi @thomas.stuempfig,
We have no immediate plans to support SPARQL in neosemantics unfortunately. Essentially because we have Cypher that covers the need for a structured graph query language. Is cypher not an option for you?

If you don't want to export the data as RDF and import it into Jena, the only option I can think of is the development of a SPARQL endpoint as an extension to Neo4j. Is that a project you'd be willing to undertake? If that's the case I'd love to hear about it.

If not, maybe you can share a bit more about what you're trying to achieve and maybe we can find some workaround?



Hi Jesus,
thank you very much for your attention. Well what i am trying to achive is making neo4j data avaible for systems that do not know of cypher but are able to execute sparql queries.
I like cypher very much and labeld graphs are far more easy to work with in my opinion. Nontheless
there is one very good reason for rdf ontologies OWL priciple of open world logic is quite intreaging me and probably one possible way of building distributed configuration engines.
Well imagine once you have a car configurator with its logic, but refering to foreign ontologies of a tire supplier. If both of them would describe their ontologies in owl they will be naturaly (formaly at least) compatible and you can reason upon both of them. I am not aware of such logic within neo4j. This is why i ask for a sparql 1.1 endpoint.
The other approach is jbpm. I actualy explore both, and already have a working jbpm/drools work item handler executing cypher calls to neo4j with the java driver (my other question in this forum since i have warnings).

Best regards