Neo4j CE and OWL 2

Hi Guys,

I have a project that uses a ontology, recently i read an article about neo4j and OWL and decided to use it, but because i have commercial purposes i need to use Community Edition.

Neo4j CE support OWL 2?

I'll use quarkus + neo4j : quarkus-neo4j, any help or reference is highly appreciated, thanks.

If you're interested in using Neo4j together with OWL ontologies, have a look at this plugin:

CE doesn't support it out of the box but it can be added with this repo. There should be documentation there to help you along the way.

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This is nice. I am also curious if there's a generic and simple way to directly load owl formatted ontologies into neo4j. For example the doid.owl Disease Ontology, provided in OWL format, as found at.

Something that would work without detailed customazation on any of the obofoundry ontologies would be great, and would accelerate development of many interesting applications.