Proper visualization in Neo4j browser but improper using Neovis in the browser

This query is working on both neo4j desktop and neovis.
{MATCH (c:Client)-[:vendor_is]->(v:Vendor) WHERE size((v)-[:vendor_is]-(:Client)) > 1 and'Fullerton'
RETURN v, collect(c) AS CommonClient
MATCH (c:Client)-[:vendor_is]->(v:Vendor) WHERE size((v)-[:vendor_is]-(:Client)) > 1 and'IndusInd' RETURN v, collect(c) AS CommonClient}
RETURN v,CommonClient"

Result in neo4j application -

Problem - NeoVis is not showing the relationship arrow between the label it is only showing labels of nodes


  1. Try to include and return the [rel:vendor_is] relationships as well.
  2. Or use and return named paths, like in MATCH path1 = ...


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