Philly Data Graphs 4 Good & The Cypher Philly Initiative

Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce a new Meetup series to called Philly Data graphs 4 Good. This series is in conjunction with our Cypher Philly Project and grant we're working on. Learn more below.

Philly Data Graphs 4 Good


Philly Graph DB and The Cypher Philly Initiative are excited to announce a new meetup series called Philly Data Graphs 4 Good. The inspiration for this meetup series comes from Graphs4good: Building a Better World With Connected Data; a concept we learned about from Neo4j at last year's Graph Connect conference.

In the pursuit of connecting even more data for good here in Philadelphia, we wanted to take this concept and apply it to Philadelphia's open data. We're planning on bringing together a diverse field of individuals and organizations who want to share industry-specific data practices and collection methods.

Our goal is to bringing together multidisciplinary experts to start an open dialogue on how we can build better and more connected Data Graphs 4 Good. We hope you can join us in this series-opening event.

This Meetup series is in collaboration with Code For Philly, Linode, Neo4j, Data Philly meetup group, and more.

We'll be hosting a panel of experts from the city of Philadelphia's, Artists against Violence, Animal Rescue, Journalists from the Philadelphia ecosystem and several other industry experts.

The Mission

The Cypher Philly Initiative is an open source web application project designed to empower citizens, journalists, data scientists, coders and creatives with the ability to harness open data for civic good.

Our goal is to simplify the process of telling data-driven stories using open public data to bring about actionable change, while also informing citizens and governments alike. We plan to collaborate with news organizations to publish the results of our findings with the greater Philadelphia community.


Civil Rights violations, Complaints against Police, Gun Violence, Philadelphia incarceration records, Opioid Epidemic, Animal Rescue, Data Journalism, 311 Reports

Technology & Tools



Hi Everyone, We had to reschedule the event due to snow this week. Here is a link to the new event on Wed, Feb 27th If you're in the Philadelphia or surrounding area please come to the event. We'd love to have you there.

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Hi everyone we're hosting part 2 of our meetup series The Process. If your in the Philadelphia or surrounding area we hope you can make it out to this event.

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