Nelson says hello from Philly, looking to implement graphs in my health system

Hello, my name is Nelson Asport, I have approx. 14 years of experience in healthcare administration and reporting throughout different roles. Approx. 10 of those 14 years using a combination of SQL and some BI tool to do reporting/analysis.

Hoping to be a trail blazer in the academic health system in Philly that I work for by implementing graph storage for healthcare related use cases.

Found Neo4J by trying to visualize patient clinical pathways using Tableau and quickly realizing it is not the tool for the job, yet. Once I implemented my sample use case on the Community Edition of Neo4J quickly realized that the power is not in the visual eye candy but in the questions that can be asked and answered with the Cypher language.

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Welcome Nelson,

lucky for you Philly has an active Neo4j community. Really good insight that you got, I think it's a mixture of both, asking the right questions and visualing the results in a way that helps folks make better decisions.

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I'm in Philly too! :)

There's a meetup happening this week too. You should come! Login to Meetup | Meetup

CC: @jess @jasocox


Thank you both, I did sign up for the meetup!


Hi Nelson, just sharing this with you!