openCypher javascript library

(Thomas Stuempfig) #1

Hi all,
is there a javascript library for opencypher. Preferrably node.js
I don't know scala and my existing work is base on neo4j's javascript connector.


(Michael Hunger) #2

What do you want to do?

(Thomas Stuempfig) #3

I am about to create a browser based tool for editing tree based information. The nodes of the trees might come from different systems. E.g. Different Databases. (SAP Hana, Neo4j, Oracle, Baan, Rest Webservice, Gremlin, Cassandra.) I would like to work out next generation federated data Editor. Some Kind of Excel for Graphs.
I know sounds crazy. Datalake Technologies will evolve in that direction.
And there will always be manual input of data. People that relate manualy nodes. Just like they do Excel today.

The goal is to use standards as they emerge. opencypher in my opinion is in a great position for that, just because of the SQL like Grammar.
As of today i use node.js as a server environnement. I am used to code in java, c,c++,c#, javascript, php, tcl/tk, prologue. But i find it quite difficult to adopt a new language just for the sake of integrating.

(Thomas Stuempfig) #4

I also can't make opencypher available in
Apache Zeppelin, i followed: ""