Connecting Apache Zeppelin Notebooks to Neo4j - Yes you can!

Just wanted to share a bit of excitement I had tonight. I've been doing a lot of work in Apache Zeppelin Notebook Server lately, mostly just in PySpark and SQL. But then driving home tonight I had the curious idea if Zeppelin could connect to Neo4j. I've used Neo4j's jdbc driver in the past to ETL from pentaho to Neo4j so I suspected that Zeppelin could as well. To my excitement, it worked!

I'll write up a more detailed blog post but referencing my post about setting up pentaho and this reference for creating an interpreter in zeppelin, you can execute cypher statements in paragraph in a notebook server.

This is will be exciting to be able to leverage the reporting and story telling ability of a notebook server to query data from a variety of sources including Neo4j! I'm curious if anyone else has already done this, and I'm just late the game and this was already common knowledge to everyone else?


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CC: @thomas.stuempfig referencing because of his post/thread:

Hi really cool stuff!
Just to let you know starting from v 0.8 Zeppelin provides native integration with Neo4j:
The Neo4j interpreter provides a native integration between Neo4j and Zeppelin allowing you to write your Cypher query and visualizing the resulting graph.
Following you'll find my speech @ the Graph Connect last year:

Please give it a try, and let us have your feedback!

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@conker84 that's awesome and good work. I can't wait until AWS supports v0.8 with their dev end points because I'll be excited to star to upgrade to that so I can also integrate with Neo4j in my zeppelin instance.