Neo4j without Desktop running

I'm executing the latest Neo4j release - downloaded and installed last week.

Neo4j Desktop works. I can view the Movie graph and I created a graph for my project.
Neoj Browser works and I can view both graphs in the browser.
I developed C# code that reads my project graph and executes cypher.
In short, everything works as expected and I'm thrilled.

However, I can't leave Neo4j Desktop executing perpetually.

At some point, Neo4J needs to execute standalone so I can connect to it from my code without the Desktop executing..

Thinking I needed to run neo4j as a service, I download and installed it as a service from the console folder.

However, when Neo4j desktop is not executing, I cannot connect to either database because they are stopped when I close Neo4j desktop,

How do I start my database without neo4j desktop executing?

Maybe my approach is incorrect. I assumed Neo4j Desktop was similar to say, Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) which executes independently from the Sql Server database service. In other words, SSMS doesn't need to be executing to connect and access the Sql Service instance and databases.

I apologize for missing the answer I seek in the documentation because it's probably obvious to everyone else.

Thank you.

You can run Neo4j as a stand alone database as well as with desktop. You'll just have to navigate to it and start the service through the terminal or on start up as service. I'm sure you've already looked but you might go through the docs here and see if they help.

Thank you,

The documentation you provided answered my question, however, when I issued the command: SHOW DATABASES; only two databases displayed: neo4j and system.

The database I created doesn't show, yet, it DOES show in the neo4j desktop.

How do I see my project database outside of the Desktop?

Thank you.

I think I answered my own question. The Desktop is configured to use a different path for the data than the command line version.

Apparently, I need to use the same data path for both.

But, interestingly, I can't start my database from the Desktop even though it uses a different path to the data because of port conflicts.

I should be able to handle changing them.

Thanks for your help.

Think of Neo4j Desktop as a wrapper that lets you setup a whole bunch of databases and servers of different versions depending on your development needs. Neo4j Desktop is only going to run one database server at a time.
It isn't like MS SSMS which can manage local and/or remote database servers.
Yes you will need to change the ports in either Setting (Desktop) or neo4j.conf (Server) so they don't conflict.
Desktop can connect to that other database on your local machine there, but create it as a Remote Database.
Similarly you can use Chrome to connect to either just use the correct host:port user/pass.

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Your response is very helpful. Thank you. I understand now.