Neo4j Desktop Issue

I recently used the Neo4j update feature in Neo4j Desktop and now the desktop app will not open. The app appears to be running but there is no screen. I am run Mac OS X 10.15.7. There are three processes running: Ne4j Desktop, Neo4j Helper, and Neo4j Desktop Helper (GPU). I cannot access a database since there is no screen available. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The reason I tried an update is that my databases will not migrate to newer versions without crashing. It appeared to be a Java issue, but now I am dead in the water. I downloaded a newer version of Neo4j Desktop (1.3.11) and still have the same issue.

I have the same issue ... was working fine but recently stopped working. I can see the app running in my taskmanager (windows 10) but no application opens

I have the same was working fine but recently stopped working. I am doing some data analysis with Neo4j desktop 1.2.5 version. I can see the app is running in my test manager (window 10) but I can't see the screen of Neo4j Desktop so that I can't do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Sorry! I installed Neo4j desktop 1.2.5 on Window 10.

I found I had to uninstall, then remove anything related to neo4j in the appdata folder on my pc. And re-install, selecting "only I can use this program" when asked.

How to completely and cleanly reinstall NEO4J? - #5 by elaine.rosenberg - Has a thread in a similar vein. My suggestion is once removing the application, via uninstall, seek out the remnenants of neo4j in the appdata folder under your profile folder.

if you run into issues with Desktop 1.4.7 on Windows could you try this and report back?

try asking them to delete the C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Neo4j\Relate\Cache\plugin-sources\default-sources.json file and see if that helps? We think that the reason for desktop not starting for some users might be that the cached plugin sources has become corrupt