Neo4j kubernets neo4j-admin backup not working from job

I am running the Neo4j Kubernetes pod and working properly, then m running the job of the same image for performing the neo4j-admin backup command

neo4j-admin backup --backup-dir=/data \
--pagecache=2G --fallback-to-full=true \
--check-consistency=true  --cc-graph=true \
--cc-indexes=true --cc-label-scan-store=true \
--cc-property-owners=true  --name=graph.db-backup \

By running the above command in the job, I am getting an error

command failed: Failed to run a backup using the available strategies.

Is there any flag for neo4j-admin command is missing or am I doing it in the wrong way?

Thank you.

Have you tried running the command with --verbose to see if there is any additional debug info available?

Were you able to solve it finally? Backup port 6362 seems not to be exposed by service in official helm chart, right? Did you found a solution for this problem?