Neo4j Enterprise 3.5.1 available on AWS


Hi everybody, Neo4j 3.5.1 Enterprise is now available on AWS, both in clustered configurations and in single-node AMI availability!

You can launch causal cluster via the AWS Marketplace here.

Instructions for lauching a single instance of Neo4j Enterprise from an AMI can be found on the Neo4j website, and the AMI information for 3.5.1 is as follows:

ap-northeast-1: ami-032150637dfa87637
ap-southeast-1: ami-0b1531c8eaebe5079
eu-central-1: ami-04e5a5268a7b116d6
eu-west-1: ami-0abdbee90fcb7676c
sa-east-1: ami-02430ed5ef238ff62
us-east-1: ami-08d871889f7dca0aa
us-east-2: ami-0ea9876a5c77f72b2
us-west-1: ami-0704aab2d7b616684
us-west-2: ami-009272c7ac939919d