Neo4j Enterprise 3.5.3 available on AWS

Hi everybody, Neo4j 3.5.3 Enterprise is now available on AWS, both in clustered configurations and in single-node AMI availability!

You can launch causal cluster via the AWS Marketplace here .

Instructions for lauching a single instance of Neo4j Enterprise from an AMI can be found on the Neo4j website , and the AMI information for 3.5.3 is as follows:

ap-northeast-1: ami-0e4929e7322b378dd
ap-south-1: ami-0c9855c2d5f1c6527
ap-southeast-1: ami-0cf36d7ad51a09a42
eu-central-1: ami-05f30083fe95f0fd4
eu-west-1: ami-0572a469fb0d71326
sa-east-1: ami-019a244d7af21895c
us-east-1: ami-0f6db720c2e3c7b68
us-east-2: ami-0a366ea274e2488ee
us-west-1: ami-00d82e0b875e505dc
us-west-2: ami-084b94e5c357b909e