Neo4j embedded in Java, User and Pasword is it needed?

I can't find the category, I post here. And I am newbie. I want to use use Neo4j embedded in Java applications, like desktop app or mobile. is it necessary to do user and password to secure the database? if it is, how?

Maybe my question is not clear. So I am going to try to answer my own question. Firstly, I've never try this, I only try this . Consider this post Integrating Auth0 with Neo4j , what I understand is this is authentication and authorization for Neo4j in general including using Neo4j embedded in Java applications. I didn't try it. I am newbie, I expect my conclusion correct.

Also I think authentication and authorization plugins is for Enterprise Edition. That's why I am a bit confused before.

If you are embedding the neo4j, i don't think authentication is part of it, as you are not using bolt protocol to connect. You will be using the GraphDatabase API directly.

surely I missed basic things. quiet ridiculously.