Embedded Neo4j Graph Database For Python

Hi -

It seems that as of now Embedded version of Neo4j Graph database exists only for Java. Do we have similar version for Python as well? If not, can you please share any inputs as to how one can take the benefits of Neo4j Embedded in Python.

I am particularly not interested in Neo4j REST Server due to performance reasons, and i am only interested in Neo4j Embedded version that can work with Python

Any pointers in this regard would be highly appreciated.


have you considered the Neo4j Bolt Driver for Python and as described at https://neo4j.com/docs/driver-manual/1.7/get-started/#driver-get-started-about

Thanks @dana.canzano for the reply.

Yes, i had already explored Neo4j Bolt Driver for Python, but couldn't get the expected results from performance point of view.

I think you should explain more (in a new post) what you are trying to achieve and what doesn't work from a performance perspective.

Then folks can help you sort that out.