Neo4j and Php


Congratulations for your great work

I am new to Neo4j, and my question is:
How can I manage user authentication with a password?
In this way, only with this user ID can CRUD be carried out, that is, as
I can do in Neo4j what is normally done with MySql and php.
The user must enter from the web interface and from an Html form;
-Create an account in the database.
-Create the content.
-Update account, password, content.

  • username
  • address
  • telephone
    The above if it can be done with Neo4j? or not?
    if not possible with Neo4j, with the database to combine or integrate
    Neo4j to be able to reach this same similar result?

I appreciate your attention and the collaboration that you can give me.


The same way as you'd do it with mysql, you use the PHP Neo4j driver, write the Cypher (instead of SQL) statements (to create,read,update your data) or use the Object-Graph-Mapping.

There are some good articles, which are also linked in the #drivers-stacks:php category.