Neo4j desktop port change hangs

I have connected to a community db remotely and I have created an enterprise db. (developer licence)

When I would like to start the enterprise db, it complains that it needs to change some of the port.

After changing the port, the db hangs and won't restart. You need to restart the whole desktop.

Hello @fssrepository :slight_smile:

Can you provide us a screenshot with the error message?


Ubuntu 18.04 - you can see three db (one year dev licence), however it happens with two.
You have a remote community server (docker), and you need to add a new local DB. (enterprise, for example to test Bloom :))

First image shows when you start the second (enterprise db), and after fixing stopping hangs, but when you close and open it again, the fix has been already made. Also apoc and gds is used to be installed on remote one. Remote is up and running. Desktop is used to stop a DB before open new one. However i'm not sure why the desktop can't handle two separate instances even on developer mode. It does not make too much sense to me.

As a newbie i also found some nice stuff - messy entrypoint script · Issue #256 · neo4j/docker-neo4j · GitHub

Don't worry about the large number of bugs what i have raised.

I had to hack into kafka ui docker images also and other stuff as well.
There are so many messy stuff on the docker area, which makes life so difficult.
(sh script using on volume (creating directory, instead of file) - LF/CLRF nightmare ...)

I'm also using neo4j behind nginx.


Can you check in Neo4j Desktop parameters that Neo4j Desktop is online?


jmx.access.txt (146 Bytes) jmx.password.txt (95 Bytes) neo4j.conf.txt (33.7 KB) neo4j.conf-default.txt (33.7 KB)

As I said, when the desktop is restarted everything works fine. Files are renamed, as i can only upload txt-s.