Neo4j desktop GDS licensing

As described in License model of GDS - #3 by alicia.frame GDS is offering two licensing models. However, when using neo4j desktop which offers an enterprise license the GDS is still stuck on the community version. How can I use the enterprise license of the neo4j desktop edition with GDS?

My interest is in using more CPU cores on neo4j desktop for graph algorithms. It would be much more convenient to run them directly inside neo4j than having to resort to GitHub - rapidsai/cugraph: cuGraph - RAPIDS Graph Analytics Library or others.

Hi @georg.kf.heiler! We actually do not offer GDS EE for free via desktop edition. Are you finding 4 cores to be too slow? We've found that, for most databases that you can fit on a desktop, the algorithms are fast enough to experiment with. Please let us know if you're having trouble with specific ones!

If you want to contact us about licensing options, you can send a note to to enquire about options to get access to EE :slight_smile:

I was calculating betweenness - and it is rather slow.

Many thanks for the clarification.

Betweenness centrality is a slower algorithm by definition - however, we do implement RA Brande's sampling approach and you can decrease your sampling rates to speed up calculations.