GDS 1.6 Preview is now available!

The GDS 1.6 preview release has been published! Currently available on Github and our download center.There are a ton of new features in this pre-release, and you should read the release notes to see all of them, but some of the highlights are:

  • Degree centrality, article rank, eigenvector centrality, A*, yen's k shortest paths, dijkstra single source, and dijkstra source target have all been promoted to the product tier

  • Node2Vec has been promoted to the beta tier and now supports weights, seeding, and mutate mode

  • Scaler procedures have been added to the library to support min-max, max, lean, log, standard score, l1 norm, and l2 norm scaling

  • Subgraph filtering has been added to the library so that you can create a new in-memory graph by filtering properties in an existing one

  • Two new centrality algorithms for influence maximization, contributed by community member xkitsios: and

  • Link prediction and node classification now support: saving, loading, and publishing models, and predict.write modes

  • Improved RBAC support for GDS enterprise users, enabling admins to view, use, and drop other user's graphs

  • well as a ton of other smaller features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

Test it out and let us know what you think - GA is May 27!

(just a note: we don't make preview releases available on desktop, so you'll want to manually install the plug in if you're testing it there)

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You mention a general availability date of May 27. Is that the case? I would like to install it onto my desktop version, but I am only seeing version 1.5.2.


@andy.hegedus It should show up - what version of Neo4j are you loading in desktop?

I tested it, and it looks like GDS 1.6 will populate automatically for the newest version of Neo4j (4.2.7) but 1.5 shows up for earlier releases. If you have an existing db, and want to upgrade the plug in, you can download 1.6 from our download center and manually add it by slecting Manage -> Open Folder -> Plugins, and adding it there.

Hi Alicia,
The upgrade to 4.2.7 was the trick. All good now and playing with normalization scalars in PageRank algorithm. That is what was the driver.



I am running 4.2.6 database. GDS installs without error. Has the following request on run checks:

This application uses the apoc.meta.schema procedure, which is currently unavailable because it is sandboxed and has dependencies outside of the sandbox. Sandboxing is controlled by the setting .

You can add the following entry to your Neo4j configuration file to allow access:,,gds.*,apoc.**

I edited the settings file acordingly with no joy. I have uninstalled and re-installed. Any further tweaks I should consider?

KInd regards


@jonathansholmes you want to set both:

  •* and

We've got a walk through of the installation here, but please let me know if you have further problems!

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Hi Alicia.

Thank you.

I have 'allowlist' instead of 'whitelist'.

I will go through the install procedure as defined and revert later today with any results.

Edit. I always end up here:

I will look to duplicate issue on another machine. That will take some time and I will update tomorrow morning.

Be well.


Hi Alicia

I have the exact issue on a Windows Machine. Also running latest version of neo4J Desktop and GDS with a 4.2.6 database.

Security configs are like this on both machines:

Those configs should allow GDS to function.

Any advice on next steps would be appreciated. There is no immediate urgency. I will kill one of the machines and re-install, etc. Any success I will post here.



I also checked here and all seems well.