Neo4J Desktop 1.2.9 Installation Aborted

I am attempting to update my desktop install to 1.2.9 (I have removed previous version) on Windows 10

when I run the installer I get an 'Installation Aborted' message and the helpful information 'setup was not completed sucessfully' Are there install logs somewhere? so I can try to diognose what is causing the failure?

Hello @taffyb!

The log files should be here:


What I recommend is that you:

  1. Remove ALL files for the installation. On windows, they should be in this location unless you specified a custom location.
  1. Restart your system to make sure there are no "rogue" Neo4j processes running.

  2. Install Desktop so that all users on your system can use it (most permissions issues are with this)


Thanks I will give it a go later in the day and see how I get on.

I think it was step 3 that sorted my problem. Probably something that the desktop team need to work on.