Neo4j 4.2 fullText indexes not working


I've been using Neo4j 3.5.x for more than a year now. In my project I use fullText indexes extensively and it has been working without a problem.

Now I'm upgrading the database to version 4.2. I am checking every piece of software before merging the code changes needed to support the database version upgrade.

One of the features my project has is a search by code or name. For this search we use a fullText index on a couple of properties (code and name). Below I provide an example working query that works perfectly in v3.5.17 but not in v4.2.0.

Any help is appreciated.


CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes('ClientCodeFT', '*CODE*') YIELD node, score
RETURN node, score ;

As I said above, if I run this query in Neo4j Desktop against v3.5.x it will return nodes containing CODE in code property.
When running the query against a v4.2 database it's not returning anything.

I have double-checked that the indexes exist in both databases using

Have you migrated all your data into new version?

Yes, the same scripts and data source files are used to populate both databases.
In fact, after dropping the Index and creating it again, it works. But I don't think that is a reasonable solution...

Please migrate the data in batch scripts.