How to filter results from Full-Text indexes?

Hello everybody!

I am new in the forums and more or less new to Neo4j. I have been working with it just a year. I am working with Neo4j 4.3.3.
I have a DB with a Full-Text Index and is working fine. But I would like to filter the results from the CALL to the index. I have done a little query as follows:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("index_name","searchTerm~")  
YIELD node, score 
MATCH p=(m:Movie)--(a:Actor) WHERE id(a)=id(node) 
return a.content,score

It works. But...I think is not that good in performance, or maybe that it could improve.
The question is if I can create a subset of nodes where to apply the index, and not like I did, which is the other way around? Any idea How could I improve the filter?. I just show one relationship I have to do, from some others, so the final query could be heavy on that last part.

Thanks in advance!

I'm not entirely sure of all that you're asking, but once you have the node variable from the index call, you don't need to re-match to it (for your a node), you can use a WITH clause followed by a WHERE (although you can alias the result of the CALL), such as:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("index_name","searchTerm~")  YIELD node, score 
WITH node as a, score
WHERE a:Actor AND (a)--(:Movie)
RETURN a.content, score

The WITH ... WHERE covers your filtering of the node needing to be an :Actor labeled node and must have any relationship to any :Movie node.

Hi, @andrew_bowman thanks for the response. I think your approach makes more sense than mine. And I have already tested the query and I think works faster than mine. I also use the EXPLAIN command and it seems that this approach is better, but I am still learning to interpret the explanations. Also, I did not know that you could use the "a:Actor" in the WEHRE part.

Thank you so much!