My Course Sandbox stopped working and is no longer accessible

Anyone know how to resolve this. I was at the end of the "Importing Large Datasets with Cypher" class, where I kept getting a validation error. It looks like the sandbox was offline.

Hello @glilienfield ,

We had a temporary problem that has been resolved. Hopefully your validation for your sandbox will succeed.

Let us know if you continue to have the problem.


the sandbox is not working in the course. is there a way to establish a connection. It gets stuck on "firing up in the browser" when I try to connect directly the sandbox that is associated with the course.

Here is the message I get when connecting the sandbox directly:

I decided to just terminate the sandbox. the next time an opened the course, I was required to log into the sandbox server. I don't know what the password is. A new instance did not show up in my sandbox dashboard, where I would expect to get the connection details.

Here is what I recommend.

  1. Go to the sandbox site and terminate the blank sandbox which is the sandbox used for the Importing course.
  2. Sign out of GraphAcademy and sign back in and continue to the Importing course. It will recreate the blank sandbox.
  3. Go to the last challenge of the course. You will need to create the 4 constraints with the sample code.

You then should be good to go with the last challenge.

I was finally able to get it to work and complete the course. That was a lot of work.

thanks for all your help...