Multi-databases on Neo4j Aura

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I am intersted in the Multi Tenancy possibilities on Neo4j Aura. I am trying to create multi databases under one instance, but it seems that it is not possible on Aura Professional.

All other threads related to this question are couple of months old, is there any update? Is there any way to create multi databases under one instance on Aura? If not, what's the best workaround for multi tenancy?

Hello there,

We are tracking requests and interest in this functionality within this thread on our feedback wall : Multi-database capability in Neo4j 4 on Aura | Feature Requests | Neo4j

The update is that we are still evaluating the right capability within a DBaaS to meet the need you highlight.

While multi-tenant multi-database is the right solution for on-prem where you have outlaid a large cost on hardware and want to maximise value, and already have taken on the overhead of resource management, in the DBaaS that doesn't make as much sense. The need for most customers in the DBaaS context is met by an API for database management (creation, update, delete etc) in Aura and some form of Pausing capability. Whether that is a standalone database, or a database in a database, is an implementation detail of no real relevance.

DBaaS already mitigates the cost concerns (no outlay of capital expenditure on hardware and only paying when you have a database running) and the resource management overhead. Giving folks multi-tenant in a single Aura instance actually transfers back some of that resource and capacity management overhead back to users, going against the value proposition of DBaaS.

Please add any additional comments to the feature request and we can continue to lean on that for input during our decision making.


One of the reasons why we prefer to use Neo4J databases is the easiness of creating/delete databases (CREATE DATABASE abc). Will Neo4J support something similar (a simple programmatic way to set up a new instance)?

Hello Fredrik,

Yes programmatic API for database management is a priority for us, and is also on the feature request wall, which you can up vote.


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Hi John

  Are you pointing to some sort of Admin portal for managing production deployments?

Sameer G

Hello @sam_gijare ,

Not so much a portal, as a set of APIs that can be utilised to manage the lifecycle of a database hosted in Aura.


If we ant to scale our products across millions or users it is critical to have the capability of connecting the Knowledge Graph of one user with another user. This is the real future of Knowledge Graphs where we can enable us to scale horizontally and vertically. Some Graphs already offer this however we would like to know a date for when Aura will have the capability of connecting one DB with another via graphs.

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