Memory Problem(Overflow)

Hi guys, I'm trying to make this db:

90 person with a name, ex:
MERGE (MicheleLandi:Person {name: "Michele Landi"})

100 movies with a title, ex:
MERGE (Ace_Ventura__When_Nature_Calls__1995_:Movie {name: "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls [1995]"})

And every person rated 10 different movies, ex:
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 37}]->(Persuasion__1995_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 17}]->(Things_to_Do_in_Denver_When_You_re_Dead__1995_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 95}]->(Muppet_Treasure_Island__1996_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 97}]->(Pocahontas__1995_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 38}]->(Nixon__1995_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 82}]->(Bed_of_Roses__1996_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 70}]->(Balto__1995_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 51}]->(Broken_Arrow__1996_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 41}]->(Dangerous_Minds__1995_)
MERGE (BarbaraPacini)-[:RATED {score: 97}]->(Black_Sheep__1996_)

For a total of more or less than 1112 query, and I get this error:


Java heap space

It's normal? How I can solve this problem?