While creating relationship, I got 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space' please help!

Hello! I hope you're doing well today and thank you for your time.

I've two nodes as of now and I've been trying to create a relationship going from
Exhibitor_Booth node -> Exhibitor node with relationship "belongs_to" where "org_id" property is set for the relationship.

I do understand my node size is big and it's causing troubles but I can't really query how to get away with the "Jave heap space" error. Any advice or help would be really appreciated. Detailed info below,

Node1: Exhibitor, has property of "org_id"(int), row counts (404241)

Node2: Exhibitor_Booth, has property of "org_id"(int), row counts (404241)

Cypher for when I tried:
MATCH (e:Exhibitor), (eb:Exhibitor_Booth) where e.org_id = eb.org_id
MERGE (eb)-[b:belongs_to]->(e)
ON CREATE SET eb.org_id = e.org_id

I did notice some config file changes would help and importing other settings but it was confusing to me since I am new to NEO4j. I would be happy to follow the instruction if link is available and any tips doing so would be great.

also, is there a way I can do what i want to with Cypher query itself? thanks in advance and thank you for your valuable time.



I’m confused as to why you want to set properties on the nodes that you are using as criteria to find node to set the relationship on.

Try the query without the “ON CREATE SET”

Andrew O.