Matthew Gregory, London, UK, Government Data Scientist, GOV.UK


Mat is a data scientist with an academic background in Genetic Engineering and statistics. He has developed expertise in machine learning methodologies and their application to user journey and navigation problems around websites. He’s a former science teacher and has worked across data science teams in the public sector, including the Department for Education and the Government Digital Service.

Matt was one of the first data scientists recruited to the UK Civil Service, and his work to modernise the creation of statistical publications had a major impact across Whitehall departments. Recently he’s worked in GOV.UK, developing the A/B testing framework to analyse Big Query user journey data. His team are improving navigation on the site through developing algorithms to recommend content to users. We are currently deploying this ML pipeline which uses node2vec.

Representing GOV.UK as a structural, semantic and functional network has introduced me to graphs!

Neo4j interests

I'm hoping to learn from the communities experience and demonstrate the value of graph databases to build a knowledge graph ultimately testing whether this technology can be leveraged to improve navigation for users.

Hi Matt!
Impressive background! Thanks for sharing!
Would love to learn more about how you're building this out. We definitely have some knowledge graph specialists in our community. You should take a look at GraphAware's work if you have not already. :slight_smile:

CC: @Christophe_Willemsen