Varnie N'jola Karmo - Sr. Developer at Legislative Services Agency (Indiana General Assembly)

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Hi, my name is Varnie N'jola Karmo. I work as a Sr. Developer at Legislative Services Agency (Indiana General Assembly). I've worked with Neo4j for the past 4 years. I discovered graphs by accident while researching a performance issue with a highly connected data in a django app. With years of SQL experience, I was absolutely blown away by Neo4j's speed and powerful query language (cypher). I currently have an existing application which utilizes Neo4j. There are many problems in our existing system that can be solved by Neo4j. My goal is to integrate graph technology into our existing stack.

(M. David Allen) #2

Welcome! If you have a chance sometime, a blog post about what you're doing would be great. I know a lot of graph people would be very interested to hear how graphs help in government use cases.

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Which category or channel should I post a description how I'm using Neo4j in an existing app?

(Karin Wolok) #4

Projects category for projects and Content category for blog posts, videos, presentations, etc.! :)