I am Michelle Audirac, a data scientist exploring graph superpowers

Hi Neo4j Community!

I am beginning a new stage in my life, becoming a graphista! I am hoping I will find others in this community that are in the same journey.

I majored in Applied Mathematics and got a Master degree in Data Science. In one of my grad courses we were introduced to graph data bases; I also took graph theory as an undergrad. I enjoyed those courses and strongly believe in graph superpowers.

In terms of my experience, I worked 8 years in the financial industry. Banks are in a race to become data-centric organizations. I think this race should point them straight toward graph data bases.

Going forwards I will share my journey into graph db territory. Let's see how fun my experience is in this new land!

Michelle Audirac

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Hello Michelle, nice profile! Congrats on your new pursuits!

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