Kafka or Oracle connector for Neo4j?

Dear Community,

I would like to know what are the pros and cons of synchronising data via Kafka connector to Neo4j?
What about the Oracle connector (via JDBC) to Neo4j? Which one would be better if the dataset is large?


Either would work, the Kafka connector would be my suggestion.

Oracle connector/JDBC Pros:

  • Write SQL/cypher directly

Oracle connector/JDBC Cons:

  • Need to figure out how to schedule those things to run in Cypher with APOC periodic
  • Neo4j server must have extra JARs for Oracle; must do extra work of JDBC integration
  • If you need to transform data coming from Oracle, all of this must be done in cypher or SQL

Kafka Connector Pros:

  • If you publish oracle data -> Kafka, Neo4j can benefit but other later systems might as well depending on what you need
  • Kafka can be used to transform messages on the wire so you don't have to write transforms in Cypher
  • If you already use Kafka & are familiar with it, all-around nicer data integration approach

Kafka Connector cons:

  • You gotta run Kafka
  • The connector itself (kafka connect) is another thing to run, which you might not want to do unless you already have other kafka connectors running