JeremyForan --> Developer @ BAI Communications, I hope Neo4j improves my relationships with Graph DBs

I have been looking at graph databases as a means of solving some pathfinding problems. Until recently I have been able to solve these problems in small implementations like NetworkX.

As the scale of the problem is growing, I need a more powerful solution and I am hoping Neo4j is it.

Excited to learn more.

Hi Jeremy!
YAY! :)
I'm assuming you already got a copy of the graph algorithm book?

Sure do! even got some code working. I am curious about a specific problem and wondering if you can point me to an example of someone asking a question in the ideal manner. I will then model my question in the same way a post.


It's rare that people ask that. haha.

This graph algos category has a lot of well titled / written questions. The best ones are the ones that describe the problem in detail so someone who is answering doesn't have to ask another question before they can answer.